14. Migrating from Earlier Python ImplementationsΒΆ

The AMPS Python client builds on the AMPS C++ client to provide all of the features of the C++ client at high performance. 60East previously produced a different implementation of a Python client, which is now deprecated.

The AMPS Python client is fully-compatible with the previous implementation. This client also adds support for:

  • High availability clients.
  • Bookmark subscriptions.
  • Features added after AMPS 3.5

The earlier implementation did not fully follow the style guidelines in Python Enhancement Proposal 8 (PEP 8). Functions and objects in the previous implementation were named with camel case style, while functions and objects in the Python client follow the standard Python convention of lowercase words separated by underscores.

The Python client contains compatibility functions for the previous implementation. To update your code to follow PEP 8 conventions, replace camel case functions with the equivalent. For example, the sowAndSubscribe function in your code becomes sow_and_subscribe with the Python client.

Because camel case style functions are provided for compatibility, there are no camel case style functions for features that weren’t included in the previous implementation.