2. Obtaining and Installing the AMPS Client

Manual Installation

The AMPS JavaScript client is available as a download from the 60East Technologies web site, http://crankuptheamps.com. Download the client from the site, then extract it.

The client source files are in the directory where you unpacked the files. By default, this is amps-javascript-client-<version>, where <version> is the current version of the JavaScript client, such as amps-javascript-client-

Once unpacked, amps.js can be included in the project in order to use the client. Optionally, depending on your development environment, the es6-promise.js might also be required.

Installation via Node Package Manager

If your project is using Node Package Manager to manage and install dependencies, the client can be downloaded and installed via NPM:

npm install --save amps

The client library will be automatically installed and included in your project.

tip NPM also automatically resolves external client dependencies, allows installing specific versions of the JavaScript client, and supports automatic updates of the library.