1. Introduction

This document explains how to use the C# client for AMPS. Use this document to learn how to install, configure, develop applications on the Microsoft Windows operating system using AMPS.


Before reading this book, it is important to have a good understanding of the following topics:

  • Developing in C#. To be successful using this guide, you must possess a working knowledge of the C# language. Visit http://msdn.microsoft.com for resources on learning Windows, .NET and the C# language.
  • AMPS concepts. Before reading this book, you will need to understand the basic concepts of AMPS, such as topics, subscriptions, messages, and SOW. Consult the AMPS User’s Guide to learn more about these topics before proceeding.

You will also need an installed and running AMPS server to use the product. You can write and compile programs that use AMPS without a running server, but you will get the most out of this guide by running the programs against a working server.

Version Compatibility

The AMPS C# client is compatible with .NET Framework 4.0 and later versions. The client can also be used with .NET Core 2.2 (with the exception of the classes that support SSL connections – the tcps protocol in AMPS).