Building a highly available distributed system is hard. 60East AMPS technology greatly simplifies the chore when you use AMPS for message passing and filtering between nodes in your system. You can configure AMPS instances to replicate each other, allowing you to build a network of AMPS instances that will survive both network and system outages.

To enable high availability throughout your entire system, however, your clients may need to know how to gracefully detect and recover from outages. This white paper discusses common failure modes and recovery options for all kinds of AMPS clients, and discusses support available in the AMPS Client Library.

  This paper discusses a replication architecture that works with all versions of AMPS that support replication. However, starting with AMPS, AMPS supports passthrough replication and replication groups, which greatly simplify replication. The instructions in this whitepaper will still work with AMPS, but are not the most efficient way to configure replication. Full details on replicaiton in and later are available in the User’s Guide for those versions.