1. UtilitiesΒΆ

AMPS provides several utilities that are not essential to message processing, but can be helpful in troubleshooting or tuning an AMPS instance:

  • amps_sow_dump is used to inspect the contents of a SOW topic store.
  • amps_journal_dump is used to examine the contents of an AMPS journal file during debugging and program tuning.
  • ampserr is used to expand and examine error messages that may be observed in the logs. This utility allows a user to input a specific error code, or a class of error codes, examine the error message in more detail, and where applicable, view known solutions to similar issues.
  • AMPS provides a command-line Spark client as a useful tool for checking the status of the AMPS engine. The Spark client can also be used to run queries, place subscriptions, and publish data.
  • amps_upgrade upgrades data files for existing AMPS instances to the current release of AMPS.