9. amps-report-minidump

amps-report-minidump is a utility used to submit minidumps for analysis by 60East Technologies. This utility will require you to provide your email address, a subject, and the minidumps that you wish to submit.

Minidumps may be specified individually, or as a glob.

Options and Parameters

Option Description
The minidump file or files to be submitted.
–help Show the help message and exit.
-e, --email=SENDER_EMAIL
Email address to be used as the sender.
-s, --subject=SUBJECT
The subject field of the email.
-b, –body=BODY The body of the email.
-c, –compress Create tar.gz before sending multiple minidumps.
-t, –ticket=TICKET The ticket number you are submitting a minidump for.

Table 9.1: Parameters for amps_report_minidump


The following examples shows the output of amps-report-minidump. This example will compress and submit all minidumps in the current directory.

$ amps-report-minidump -e your@email.com -s "My Subject" -c "./*.dmp"

Thank you for submitting your minidump(s). If you have not already, please open a ticket with 60East Technologies support.