13. EntitlementΒΆ

The Entitlement element specifies the module to use for validating permissions to resources within AMPS. AMPS allows you to set the default Entitlement for the instance as a whole, and also to set the Entitlement on each Transport individually.

Entitlement elements are not required. The instance authentication defaults to using the amps-default-entitlement-module if no Entitlement element is specified for the instance. An individual Transport defaults to using the instance Entitlement if no Entitlement element is provided for that Transport.

Name Description

The element specifies the name of the module that will be used for entitlement. The value of this element must be the name of an entitlement module loaded in the Modules section of the configuration file or one of the entitlement modules that AMPS loads by default.

By default, AMPS loads the entitlement modules listed in Table 13.2.

Options A list of options to provide to the module for this instance of the module. AMPS allows you to pass options to the module by specifying elements within the Options element. The exact options that the module requires, if any, are determined by the creator of the module.

Table 13.1: Entitlement Parameters

AMPS loads the following entitlement modules by default:

Module Name Policy
amps-default-entitlement-module Allow all permissions to every user.
amps-default-no-entitlement-module Deny all permissions to every user.

Table 13.2: AMPS default entitlement modules