21. UtilitiesΒΆ

AMPS provides several utilities that are not essential to message processing, but can be helpful in troubleshooting or tuning an AMPS instance. Some of the most commonly-used utilities are listed below. Each of the following utilities is covered in greater detail in the AMPS Utilities Guide:

  • amps_upgrade upgrades data files for existing AMPS instances to the current release of AMPS. 60East recommends running this utility whenever an upgrade changes either the major or minor version number (for example, an upgrade from to
  • AMPS provides a command-line client, spark, as a useful tool for diagnostics, such as checking the contents of a SOW topic. The spark client can also be used for simple scripting to run queries, place subscriptions, and publish data.
  • ampserr is used to expand and examine error messages that may be observed in the logs. This utility allows a user to input a specific error code, or a class of error codes, examine the error message in more detail, and where applicable, view known solutions to similar issues.
  • amps_sqlite3 provides a more convenient interface for querying AMPS statistics databases.
  • amps_sow_dump is used to inspect the contents of a SOW topic store.
  • amps_journal_dump is used to examine the contents of an AMPS journal file during debugging and program tuning.
  • amps_file is used for identifying the filetype and version of files that AMPS persists (for example, AMPS sow 6.0 for a SOW that uses version 6 of the SOW file format).