34. File Format VersionsΒΆ

This chapter includes a simple cross-reference to the file format versions in recent AMPS releases. Using this guide, you can quickly determine whether your installation will need to run amps_upgrade when changing versions.

AMPS version SOW version Journal version Acks version
3.8 v1.0 v3 v1.0
3.9 v1.0 v3 v1.0
4.0 v3.0 v7 v1.0
4.3 v3.0 v7 v1.0
5.0 v3.0 v8 v1.0
5.2 v3.0 v8 v1.0
5.2.1 v3.0 v8 v1.0
5.2.2 v3.0 v8 v1.0

The amps_upgrade tool updates the format of the data in the files that AMPS maintains. If there has been no version change to the format of the data, it is not necessary to run the tool to upgrade an AMPS instance.

Notice that, while this chart describes the format of the files, AMPS versions may also change or extend the content of the files. In these cases, AMPS is guaranteed to be forward-compatible. That is, a given version of AMPS can process a file of the same file format version created on an earlier version of AMPS. However, later versions of AMPS may include changes in the content of the file that are not recognized by earlier versions of AMPS. This means that downgrading a file between major/minor versions of AMPS is not supported.

caution The contents of AMPS files are not guaranteed to be backward compatible for changes in major/minor versions. That is, while an AMPS 5.2.1 instance can succesfully load a SOW file created by AMPS 4.3, an AMPS 4.3 instance may not be able to process a file created by an AMPS 5.2.1 instance.