29. AMPS Distribution Layout

This appendix lists layout of the AMPS distribution, with special focus on the binaries present in the layout. Use this appendix to plan your AMPS deployment.

60East recommends that all AMPS deployments contain the full contents of the /bin and /lib directories. For development installations that are extending the AMPS server, your installation should contain the /api and /sdk directories (as well as the AMPS Server SDK, available as a separate download from the 60East web site).

The AMPS distribution contains the following items at the top level:

Item Description
/bin AMPS binaries: the AMPS server, daemon deployment scripts, AMPS utilities, and spark.
/docs AMPS base documentation. Current versions of the documentation and additional guides are available from the 60East website.
HISTORY Revision history for AMPS releases, containing information on changes for each version of AMPS.
/lib Libraries used by the AMPS binary.
LICENSE The AMPS license.
/sdk Headers used for modules that extend AMPS.

Table 29.1: AMPS Distribution Contents

/bin directory

Item Description
amps_bio_perf_test Diagnostic tool for testing the performance of I/O systems.
amps_client_ack_dump Utility for showing the contents of the AMPS client.ack file, containing persistent per-client information.
ampserr Utility for looking up details on AMPS log file items.
ampServer The AMPS server binary.
ampServer-compat The downward compatible version of the AMPS server binary. This version avoids using some of the hardware capabilities present in newer CPU architectures.
amps_file A utility for identifying the type of AMPS files and the file format that the file uses.
amps-init-script Part of the AMPS service installation. This script is installed into the init.d directory when the AMPS service is installed.
amps_journal_dump Utility for extracting the contents of AMPS transaction log journal files.
amps_mt_perf_test Diagnostic tool for performance testing of the AMPS engine parsing infrastructure.
amps_sow_dump Utility for extracting the contents of AMPS SOW files.
amps-sqlite3 Convenience wrapper for querying an AMPS statistics database.
amps_upgrade Utility for upgrading data files from previous versions of AMPS to the current version.
install-amps-daemon.sh Installation script for installing AMPS as a Linux service.
/lib Directory containing the libraries used by the spark utility.
spark Utility that provides a command-line interface to AMPS.
uninstall-amps-daemon.sh Installation script for removing the AMPS Linux service from the system.

Table 29.2: AMPS /bin directory Contents