2. AdministratorΒΆ

The administrator interface provides administrative actions for this AMPS instance.

  • clients: Selecting the clients resource will list all connected clients by name. Selecting a single client will permit them to be disconnected.
  • authorization: Selecting the authorization resource will allow the authentication or entitlement resources to be reset. Selecting either one of these will present a reset link, which calls the reset function as defined by the respective authentication or entitlement resource.
  • diagnostics: Selecting the diagnostics resource will provide the option to write a diagnostics dump message to the log. This message is logged at info level, and is event number 31-0010. In this release of AMPS, the diagnostic message provides information on the current state of the queues configured for the instance.
  • minidump: Selecting the minidump resource will create a minidump of the currently running AMPS instance. The minidump will be saved in directory specified by the MiniDumpDirectory, or /tmp if no directory is specified. See the AMPS Configuration Guide for more information.
  • queues: Selecting the queues resource allows you to select whether this instance will respect the original ownership of messages in the queue, or allow the instance to claim ownership of messages if the original owner is unreachable. The options available from this interface are enable_proxied_transfer (meaning to allow this instance to claim ownership) or disable_proxied_transfer (meaning that only the instance that owned the original message can transfer ownership). By default, proxied transfer is disabled.
  • replication: Selecting the replication resource will list all currently configured replications. Selecting any individual replication destination will permit the destination to be downgraded or upgraded.
  • transports: Selecting the transports resource will list all currently configured transports. Selecting any individual transport will permit the transport to be enabled or disabled.